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Monday, July 20th, 2015

“The two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom.”-Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

Never underestimate the value of entertainment. Take, God, for instance.

Some claim that the angels convinced God to create the Heavens and Earth because He was bored. God bored? Why not? If God created Man in His own image, and Man can become bored, why not God?

Let’s say for the sake of discussion that God did create the Heavens and Earth because He was bored — but in six days? No way!

Admit it. Six days is merely a metaphor. Remember St. Augustine of Hippo (354-430 AD), no slouch when it comes to commenting on God.

When asked why didn’t God create it all sooner, he essentially replied, “Because there was no sooner.”

Imagine understanding the nature of time sixteen hundred years before Einstein! St. Augustine was right. Time exists only within the confines of the Heavens created by God. Hmpf! And we think we’re so smart; whereas, the sages were so dumb. Given our recent antics, maybe we’re the dumb ones.

Second question: Why did God create a seemingly cruel world of predator and prey in which His creatures eat each other in order to survive? For His entertainment?

Yes? No?

Yes, it seems cruel to us because God allowed Man — but only Man — sentience to understand his own mortality and the true nature of Mother Nature.

No, other animals don’t spend time obsessing about cruelty of predator and prey. Only Man does. Cruelty is a point of view — a point of view other species don’t have.

The fact of the matter is that Mother Nature probably is neither cruel nor kind. If anything, Mother Nature is disinterested — couldn’t care less; thus, God may not have created the system but merely created the seeds of the system — Big Bang and all that. Then, He sat back, pretty much staying out of it, and watched as the system further created itself with its paradigm on Earth of predator and prey.

Third question: Doesn’t “free will” make us the guilty parties not God? With human sentience comes free will; specifically, the capacity of cognition to modify context, behavior, and consequences.

If anyone is cruel, is it God or we ourselves? God allowed us the capacity to modify our own behavior. So, how do we use that capacity?

We continually design and develop new and more effective ways to keep ourselves alive as individuals while reproducing like vermin. Aren’t we the ones wantonly exploding our number, overpopulating the world, and destroying this precious planet — this planet, of which few exist in the cosmos, let alone in out Milky Way. That’s gratitude, for you!

At the same time, we continually design and develop new and more effective ways to murder each other and to massacre other species wholesale? Aren’t we the ones about to exterminate most of them and all of us in a wholesale mass extinction never before witnessed?

See “The Exterminators” below.

Witnessed? By whom? God, of course. Now, is that irony entertainment or what?

If this line of conjecture contains a shred of credibility, we might ask ourselves whether God really will find it entertaining when we unleash the mass murder of all aerobic life on Earth via a horrific nuclear holocaust. Why should He not?

Anaerobes will survive. Then, the show can begin again.

Fourth Question: Can we, as a species, survive our own predilection for self-destruction? Many, if not most, scientists predict that we’re five minutes from the proverbial midnight of total doom — more likely, one minute given Obama’s recent, suicidal Iranian Nuclear Accord. Is there an alternative to our self-annihilation? Possibly.

An alternative to oblivion? Sound promising?

Wait! Will it require thinking? Will it require effort? Will it require admitting truths while denying lies? Worst of all, will it hurt someone’s feelings?

Forget it! Why bother? Why not just continue to watch mind-numbing TV, or play a self-stimulating video-game, or send a meaningless messages to others who really don’t give a fig?

Then again, maybe survival is worth a try. Survive? How?

Via science. After all, we created the widely used science of physics, with which we’re about to use to destroy ourselves. Shall we try using the largely ignored science of human behavior to save ourselves?

Try perusing the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences..

Would God find our endeavor entertaining? Very likely, especially if we exist only as an antidote to His boredom.

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