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Monday, October 2nd, 2017

Note (13NOV2017): North Korea — No news. Is no news good news?
     Because we hear little does hearing little mean that Chairman Kim is doing little to develop further his rockets with nuclear tips? President Trump visits China. Supposedly President XI and he discuss trade, a discussion that ends with much hoopla amounting to little actual economic gain for these United States of America.
     So, what about North Korea? Nothing. Meanwhile, as China decreases trade with Pyongyang, Russia increases trade. So goes American foreign policy. So goes the world as it heads towards an unnecessary nuclear catastrophe.

Note (06NOV2017): The Pentagon issues a report about the North Korean situation essentially characterizing the situation as a choice between disaster and catastrophe. As the world edges closer to nuclear conflict amidst continuing hot air from politicians, no overt action — yet.
     This week, President Trump is visiting Japan and is scheduled to visit South Korea? Exactly why? Who knows.
     Meanwhile, some South Koreans are demonstrating against these United States of America. President Moon Jae demands no American military action against his fellow Koreans in the North while continuing to demand South Korean control over its military in case of war — demanding in the name of South Korean sovereignty. Would he like to defend Korean sovereignty without American aid? [See “The Chickens Come Home” (Chapter Twelve) in the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences.]
     “Our top priority is to maintain peace on the Korean Peninsula,” President Moon said. Really! What should be top priority for the American people? Perhaps, securing these United States against nuclear attack by Moon’s fellow Koreans? Then again, what is the top priority for the American military-industrial complex?

Note (30OCT2017): The Korean Peninsula. An eerie calm continues. For how long? Top American military visit the Demilitarized Zone, seemingly engaging in double-speak as we slide towards war.
     In Japan, newly-reëlected Prime Minister Abe calls for an offensive military as a defense against North Korea. In South Korea, the left-winged governmentf demands control of its own military in the event of war with the North. In China, the Communist Party solidifies its long-range plan to best these United States of America under a unified semi-fascistic autocrat. It should be noted that both China and Japan find racial and ethnic diversity repugnant.
     Meanwhile, these declining United States of America, a nation on fire, celebrate such diversity. One example is a female academician of The Left with heritage south of the border who garners headlines by her characterizing Mathematics and Science as “racist” in a further step towards complete societal insanity. Undoubtedly, she is supported by the millionaire-Negroes playing in the National football League who continue to dishonor the national anthem and the national flag.
     Ah, the rewards of diversity! “Press one for English . . . Marque dos para español.” ¡Así es la vida; así es la guerra ahora en estos Estados Unidos! Don’t speak Spanish? Better learn or, maybe even better, Mandarin Chinese — Cantonese is next to impossible for us “Wide Eyes”.
     Oh yes! Curiously, White Nationalists seem to be gaining traction.

Americans and Russians
For those Russians unaware, be advised that few Americans realize that Russia is the only major power with which the United States of America never has been at war. Cold war? Yes. Hot war? No.

For those Russians unaware, be advised that many Americans, probably most, believe that Russia is a mortal enemy of the United States. Some politicians loudly and forcefully promote that concept.


With regard to the present crisis on the Korean Peninsula, you, President Putin, together with President Xi of China might have the opportunity to prevent everyone sliding down the slippery slope into nuclear catastrophe. Recall the prelude to World War One and its aftermath; namely, World War Two with 30-million Russians killed.

Fundamentally, the matter represents a civil war among Koreans. When presented with that basic fact, are most Russians willing to be annihilated in order to become involved in a battle of Koreans against Koreans? Are most Chinese? Are most Americans?

You two can offer Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Trump the following:
1) The United States will remove all military assets from the Korean Peninsula and cancel the military treaty of 1953 as it pertains to North Korea.
2) North Korea will dismantle its nuclear arsenal and all IRBMs and ICBMs.
3) Removal and dismantling will occur in measured steps with verification by both sides overseen by China and India.

If you succeed, you would show the American and Russian people and the rest of the world that you promoted peace in a way from which everyone outside Korea benefitted. If you fail, you would have proven that you tried.

Consider the alternatives. Nuclear war? No nuclear war but a nuclear-armed Iran, Sudan, Hezbollah, etc. — a nuclear-armed Japan — a nuclear-armed who knows else?

See “KOREA: WHY?”.

Perhaps, you already have considered the above. Perhaps, President Xi has. Perhaps, President Trump has. If so, we Americans have not heard about any of you having done so.

Biobehavioral Science says, “Behavior has its consequences.” For a full description of that law of nature as it applies to the four secular cornerstones of any society — government, law, education, and medicine — see the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences (2009). Inside, you will find that Chapter Twelve relates to the situation in Korea today. Even then, the situation did not require a fortune-teller to predict the consequences of American policies ill conceived and ill executed.

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