Statement of Mission

“For every complex and difficult problem, there is a simple solution . . . and it is wrong.”
– H. L. Mencken (1880-1956)

America . . . a nation on fire. The flames . . . more heat exciting emotion than light stimulating cognition. The smoke . . . blinding those who will not see and suffocating those who would speak the truth.

Fire controlled is constructive. Fire uncontrolled is destructive. This fire threatens to destroy the fabric of society domestically and the web of American influence internationally. That threat is reaching the point where it signals the end of The American Era . . . perhaps, the end of the human era. Can the flames be controlled? Yes. Will they be?

Paradoxically, problems can be exciting and profitable. Reading about them can be entertaining; readers tend to choose writings with which they already agree. Writing about them can be profitable, so political and social commentators describe problems with the gusto elicited by fame and fortune.

Unless simple to the point of absurdity, solutions typically are boring and taxing. Most readers avoid those longer than a few, witty sentences. Most commentators offer simple generalities and, even then, only occasionally.

This site is uniquely different. It is the only one offering commentaries based upon behavioral science from the rapidly-developing, biobehavioral orientation. Is it a site only for scientists or visitors with a scientific background? No, quite the contrary! It is a site for anyone with intellectual curiosity; with a desire for novelty; and with the tolerance to read cogent, coherent, reasoned analyses and arguments.

Its focus is upon the four cornerstones of any society . . . government, law, education, and medicine. Analyses reflect the methodology of behavioral science and demonstrate how anyone can apply Science to problems whether societal or personal. Suggested solutions emphasize The How more than The What or The Who.

Whereas not metaphysically oriented, the site does look to Judeo-Christian theology, Western civilzation, and the philosophical derivatives therefrom for perspective. Given current trends, the days of America as a preëminent nation and even of mankind as a species truly may be numbered (Revelation 6:8). Yet, despite their achievements, none of the other sciences can help us avoid the catastrophic consequences of our own actions that ominously loom as our potential fate. Now, our best . . . perhaps, our only . . . hope lies with behavioral science; to use it wisely (Psalms 90:12).

The mission of this site is to acquaint visitors with the field of behavioral science, especially from the biobehavioral orientation, and to demonstrate its ease of application to everyday problems. Those visitors interested in a more comprehensive view of the underlying, scientific principles might wish to peruse the recently published novel entitled Inescapable Consequences.

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