Note (12DEC2016): Running true to form, Mr. Trump’s behavior remains unprincipled and unpredictable. One aspect, however, remains constant; that is, seeking public attention.

Witness his “Thank You Tour” as if campaigning still were in full swing. At the Army-Navy game, his appearance on television lasted to the point that he was interfering with the announcers’ coverage of the ongoing game. More unsettling is his apparent disregard for the Constitution, an attitude he has in common with Barack Hussein Obama II.

Does the troika of Obama with his war against “White America”, “Crooked Hillary” with her disregard for law and human life, and “The Donald” with his unprincipled, unpredictable showman’s style really represent the current state of these United States of America?

Let us recall that Science tells us, “Behavior has its consequences.”


“An error lurking in the roots of a system of thought does not become truth simply by being evolved.” -John Frederick Peifer

Excerpt from the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences
One aspect of life, however, had been making Clifford Kent increasingly unhappy; governmental intervention into his life, the life of his family, and the lives of his friends and neighbors. As did his father, Cliff always had voted Republican. One election, he decided to stop voting.

“What’s the point?” he had asked Louise. “They’re all just the same. They promise one thing then do the opposite. The only real difference between the Democrats and Republicans is that the Republicans are bigger hypocrites. What this country needs is what Barry Goldwater once said, ‘A choice not an echo.’ We need a meaningful third party, and I don’t mean the so-called Libertarians, who seem mainly confused and disorganized naysayers … if not anarchists … with a misleading name.”

Candidate-Trump makes promises.

Based upon his promises, Candidate Trump wins the presidency and sweeps with him into office a Republican majority in Congress.

Promises? Did Candidate Trump make promises?

Within days — nay, within hours — of claiming victory, President-Elect Trump began retreating from three, oft-repeated promises made by Candidate Trump. During those few hours, what had changed?

First promise? ObamaCare: Repeal and replace. Repeal means repeal not modify or evolve. Retaining coverage for preëxisting, medical conditions, for example, is a formula for financial disaster. It is tantamount to allowing an owner to purchase insurance for his home after it catches fire.

Second promise? Dodd-Frank: Repeal. Repeal means repeal not modify or evolve. Dodd-Frank’s legacy is a bowl of legal spaghetti that costs banks and their customers tens of billions of dollars in counter-productive expenses thrown at lawyers, accountants, “compliance-officers”, and governmental bureaucrats — money that, otherwise, could be put to productive use to benefit the nation.

Third promise? Mrs. Clinton: Investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute. Instead? President-Elect Trump’s flattering remarks about the Clintons and Obama. One might infer that they all suddenly became best of friends.

As Candidate Trump had been so eager to broadcast, the three of them are alleged criminals who violated laws and placed the security of this nation into real and serious jeopardy. Alright, it may be a wise tradition not to prosecute former Presidents but “Crooked Hillary” never was President and never will be. Now once elected, President-Elect Trump says that he does not want to “hurt” her. What say you, President-Elect Trump, about the harm “Crooked Hillary” did to this nation and the dead bodies that silently shout their testimonies to her actions?

A question arises about President-Elect Trump’s policy-related announcements. Why make any, at all? Obama still reigns in the Oval Office with his pen and his telephone, as he himself put it.

As for President-Elect Trump’s colleagues in the Congress, predictably obsequious, unctuous sycophants like Paul Ryan, Washingtonian establishment through and through, after vilifying Candidate Trump’s persona during the campaign now slither towards him, proclaiming previously unnoticed virtues. How victory changes context!

As for President-Elect Trump’s gratitude towards his supporters, during the campaign Sean Hannity of Fox News, perhaps the most vocal supporter of Candidate Trump in the mass-media during the campaign, had proclaimed after speaking via telephone three times the night of the election that President-Elect Trump would promote Paul Ryan’s demotion from Speaker of the House. Spoke too soon, Mr. Hannity?

Adding further insult, President-Elect Trump elected to give the prize of his first, “live”, televised interview to Leslie Stahl on CBS and billed by that network as such — a neo-liberally oriented network that vilified Candidate Trump throughout the campaign. Fox? Mr. Hannity? Later, maybe?

What say you now, Mr. Hannity? Are President-Elect Trump’s actions post-election his version of gratitude? To yourself, would you still characterize him as trustworthy?

With regards to President-Elect Trump’s announcements of administrative appointments, he admitted on CBS to Miss Stahl that he intentionally is choosing Washingtonian “insiders” because they are the ones who know “the system”. This so-called system is that to which he referred as a “swamp”. Those he is appointing are creatures from the very swamp that he pledged to “drain”. In this entire nation of ours, are there no competent “outsiders” who really could and would drain the cesspool that comprises the District of Corruption?

So, what is the antecedent for President-Elect Trump’s apparent retreat? What is the antecedent for the so-called conciliatory behavior — such conciliation operationally meaning to turn his back on his supporters and renege on his promises to them in favor of seeking accommodation with their and his opponents and enemies; accommodation that they, being of The Left, never have given and never will give?

Oh yes, protesting in the streets by the usual puppets with the usual puppeteers like George Soros and his ilk pulling the strings. Recall the $33-million that Soros fronted to organize the riots in Ferguson, Missouri?

So, retreat in the name of “conciliation” and “unification” seems to be President-Elect Trump’s response after castigating the rioters then praising them. Expedient but not courageous.

President-Elect Trump claims that he wants to be President of all the people. Legally, he will be. Politically, he will not. Did Obama care about all the people in his rampage to destroy “White America” pursuant to his pastor, Jeremiah Wright’s, damning proclamations?

President-Elect Trump may fool himself about the election, but will he fool his supporters and opponents? The election was decided primarily along racial lines. The Euro-Caucasians voting for him likely represented the last gasp of an increasingly dispossessed and dwindling majority, a consequence of its prior, passive refusal to defend its own interests in terms of territory, resources, wealth, tradition, and biology.

For decades, its motto echoed the famous words of Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine — “What, me worry?”

Wait! Perhaps, we should not rush to judgement about President-Elect Trump. Perhaps, once in the Oval Office himself President Trump will remember Candidate Trump’s now-seemingly forgotten promises and remember those supporters who voted for him in response to his making those promises.

Then again, perhaps not. If not, John and Jane America, what to do?

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