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Monday, January 4th, 2016

“An error lurking in the roots of a system of thought does not become truth simply by being evolved.” -John Frederick Peifer

In the crazy context of American politics, campaigning for the presidency begins almost two years prior to the election. No other nation engages in such nonsensical behavior.

Part of the problem reflects the structure of the central government as described in the Constitution of the United States of America. Whereas in many other nations the government is based upon a parliamentary system with prime ministers and ceremonial presidents, that of these United States is based upon a congressional system with a powerful president — since Teddy Roosevelt, a president becoming progressively more powerful. In the former, governments can fall upon votes of no-confidence; not so in a congressional system with fixed terms for Congressmen and Presidents.

In principle, the parliamentary system is more resistant to dictatorship. After all, how many dictators have appointed themselves “Prime Minister for Life”? Again, not so with “President for Life”.

“Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” -John Adams (1725-1836)

Contrary to contemporary mythology, these United States were not founded as a democracy, a word that was an obscenity to the Founding Fathers. They were joined into a participatory, federal republic. Reason? As Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826) noted, democracy paves the road to tyranny.

See below  “Democracy? Wrong, Mr. Churchill

When asked if the Founding Fathers had created a monarchy, Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) did not reply, “A democracy.” Instead, he unhesitatingly replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

So, into what state has Franklin’s Republic fallen? A sad state of deepening debt, serial military defeats, social divisiveness, and moral degradation such as previous history rarely, if ever, has witnessed. More alarmingly, many Euro-Caucasians who now are becoming a progressively dispossessed and dwindling majority celebrate their own political; economic; legal; and, most importantly, biologically demise. What would Darwin say?

In these United States, for more than a century there have been only two, major political parties — Democrats and Republicans. Over the years, they have handed power back and forth in a power-sharing charade at the expense of citizenry as a people and of the country as a nation.

The Father of this nation, George Washington, expressed his opposition to political parties. As were many of his positions, this one was sound. So, what of these two political parties?

Characterizing contemporary Democrats is easy. Consistency. Their candidates are somewhat akin to Fascists in the true sense of the word as invented by Benito Mussolini; in this case, a bundling of disestablishmentarians under a banner of an autocratic “corporate-state” led by self-styled elitists — but Fascism corrupted by a vision of “trans-nationalism” instead of nationalism.

No, should the Democrats gain their way, the government, in the name of “the people”, will not own all land and means of production. Yes, they will direct economic affairs by fiat; promoting Big Government, Big Business, and Big Media in keeping with a self-serving governmental line. It is a path that these United States have been treading for more than two generations, and the inescapable consequences currently are hitting this nation hard — right between the eyes. One point in the Democrats’ favor; namely, that which they say is that which they do.

Characterizing Republicans is more difficult. They represent a motley group the main thrust of which operationally has been to move the nation towards the Democrats’ version of Fascism only more slowly — all the while screaming that they oppose that which they themselves are doing. Over decades, they have acted as the “loyal opposition”, even when possessing total power. Ah, but loyal to what? Loyal to the poorly-principled gaining and maintaining of power.

When possessing power, the Republicans have passed draconian laws abridging individual liberty in the name of national security; ballooned the debt to astronomical proportions; entered into two, undeclared wars, in both of which the nation has been defeated; and presided over a descent into abominable self-degradation. They might be described as cowardly, disorganized, and inconsistent.

Even more than Democrats, Republicans have deceived the public time and time again. A public deceived is a public aggrieved.

Whether Democratic or Republican, none of the current candidates can repair the damage to this nation now on fire. Forget The Who. Forget The What. Focus on The How.

“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” -Thomas Jefferson

Reforming the government is akin to reforming cancer. As President Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933) might have said, “Can’t be done!”

So then, revolution not evolution? If so, revolution peaceful or violent? The risk is that without a peaceful revolution, the nation very well may face a violent revolution the consequences of which are unpredictable.

All right, peaceful revolution, then — but how? Consonant with the position of President Washington, this nation needs an apolitical political party based upon a revised Constitution and upon traditional American ideals and values while guided by the Scientific Method with its demand for specificity, objectivity, and accountability. A government scientifically-based and scientifically-driven not politically-motivated and politically-manipulated.

An apolitical political party is an oxymoron? Not so! It can be done and should be done before we the people tear ourselves apart.

How? Therein lies the question.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” -Matthew 7:7

Science says, “Behavior has its consequences.”

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Monday, December 1st, 2014

“It is an abomination for presidents to commit wickedness;
For their office is established by righteousness.” -adapted from Proverbs 16:12

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama is a Mulatto with a Caucasoid-Jewish maternity and a Negroid paternity that itself is clouded, at best.

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama partially was reared as a Mohammedan in Indonesia.

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama said, “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer.”

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama chose for his pastor and mentor of 20-years a Negroid minister who screamed “God d*mn America!”

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama and his wife both involved themselves with Marxist-oriented organizations and associated with Marxist-oriented, criminal revolutionaries.

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama promised to have changed America by the end of his reign.

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama repeatedly has lied to the American public.

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama has populated his administration at the highest levels with an inordinate number of Negroes and members of other minorities.

FACT: Barack Hussein Obama consistently has responded to his own failures by blaming subordinates.

QUESTION: Were a Christian Euro-Caucasian with the background and record of Barack Hussein Obama to have sought the presidency then sought reëlection, would he have been successful?

Amnesty n.: (derived from the Greek meaning forgotten) an act of an authority by which a pardon is granted to a large group of individuals. –Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary

Truly, Barack Hussein Obama is not the first occupant of the White House to lie to the American people. Even though previous presidents have done so, Obama’s lies outweigh the others’ because the consequences of his lies are to promote his one, great truth — to have changed America — to have changed America from a predominantly Christian, Euro-Caucasian nation based upon English law and custom to . . . to what? To a nation ruled by an all-powerful, Marxist-oriented, central government — to a nation divided by diversity into a host of minorities espousing diverse values, speaking different languages, and competing against each other to rob one another via the ballot-box?

“All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.” -The Constitution of the United States of America (Article1, Section1)

“I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.” -Barack Hussein Obama

In order to fulfill his self-proclaimed goal to have changed America, Barack Hussein Obama must ignore the U.S. Constitution and take from the U.S. Congress some of its legislative power. He is doing so with abandon. Will he attempt to take all?

In days passed, politics notwithstanding, the legislators in Congress would defend its legislative power from attack by the executive. No longer. Today, cowardly politicians, Democrats and Republicans alike, slink away from their constitutional responsibilities in favor of ceding their constitutional power to an unelected judiciary via unelected lawyers. The consequences of their failure of fortitude in the face of a clear and present presidential attack long will be suffered by this nation — this nation in decline with mounting debt; serial, military defeats; and abominable self-degradation — this nation on fire (


Monday, January 13th, 2014

Note (20JAN2014): Barack Hussein Obama . . . the Jew? A number of sources claim that such is the case. In neither of the two, most recent presidential campaigns was this question raised although Mitt Romney’s being Mormon became a controversial issue, especially in the primaries of 2008. Are a candidate’s race, religion, ethnicity, and sexual orientation important? Yes, at least in describing “The Who” seeking election. Then, it becomes a matter for each voter to decide how important.

The description hereinbelow reflects the current enigmatic tenant in The White House . . . Jew, Mohammedan, Christian? The reader might take a moment to compare The Who to The What of his policies and programs and The How of his deployment of The What. In that spirit, this posting will run another week.


Historians almost universally agree that the human symbol of the Old America . . . the land of traditional English law and custom . . . the land of the Protestant Ethic . . . is George Washington. Is there such a symbol of America today . . . the New America? If so, who?

What is the New America? The Chinese characterize America as a nation in terminal decline. If true, is the New America a nation in decline? Notwithstanding the Chinese, who symbolizes best whatever it is? Barack Obama, perhaps?

Let’s say, for purposes of discussion, that Obama does symbolize best the New America. Who is he? What is he? Where is he?

Who Is He?

Barack Hussein Obama is a male Mulatto of uncertain parentage and Mohammedan background, born and reared outside the American mainland and, for several years, in Mohammedan Indonesia.

What Is He?

He currently is a self-professed Christian although, interestingly, he characterizes the Mohammedan call to prayer in Arabic as one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. He is a Marxist, at least by documented background and association. He is a hater of “White America”, at least by documented membership and association. He is a deceitful, duplicitous liar, according to one of his most influential boosters and apologists, The Washington Post. He is an opponent of traditional American ideals and values, as evidenced by his support for a non-traditional familial system exemplified by “homosexual marriage”. He is a lawyer, with all that it implies.

What Is He Not?

He is not a military man, never having served in the military. He is not a businessman, never having owned a business nor having had to meet a payroll. He is not a member of the working class, never having held an honest job in the private sector.

Where Is He?

Biologically, he is in middle-age. Geographically, he lives in The White House, home of U.S. presidents, when he is not in Hawaii, more than two thousand miles away from the continental USA.


Clearly, Obama is a symbol but of what? Certainly, not of the Old America. Of the New America, present and future? Of the New America, only at the moment?

Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) observed that there is a providence that protects idiots, drunkards, children, and the United States of America. During his later life and for decades thereafter, Bismarck seemed to be right . . . at least as far as the United States of America. Taking his observation a bit further, however, one might note that, be there such a protective supernatural force, even it may have limits to the abuse that it will tolerate.

Will that providence still protect us from Big Government?  From progressive debt? From loss of liberty discarded so lightly while being diverted by unbridled licentiousness? From disregard of the U.S. Constitution? From a progressively oppressive governing class of professional politicians and self-serving bureaucrats? From avaricious lawyers, who comprise 40% of the U.S. Congress? From an expanding non-productive welfare-class? From the demonizing of the American male by Big Government, Big Media, and Big Academia, leaving an increasing percentage of young American men demoralized?

In that light, Obama favors Big Government. Obama progressively increases the federal debt. Obama deprives Americans of life, let alone liberty; even assassinating American citizens abroad without arrest, trial, or conviction. Obama disregards the U.S. Constitution via his appointment of bureaucratic “czars” and executive-orders.  Obama endorses licentiousness. Obama is a professional politician. Obama is a lawyer. Obama was a paid promoter, a “community activist”, for the welfare-state. Obama favors female interests, even at the expense of more capable male interests.

Obama, the foremost symbol of the New America, a nation in decline? So it would seem.

According to the Protestant Ethic, long lost to many Americans if not most, God helps those who help themselves. Currently, the only thing to which a majority of Americans help themselves is their fellow countryman’s money, including that of the unwilling unborn. If we refuse to help ourselves in a constructive, honest, and industrious way, should we, nevertheless, expect God, or some providence if you will, to help us?

Is there even a way, at this time, to help ourselves? Fortunately, yes (


Monday, October 21st, 2013

The getting of votes by lying tongues/Is a vapour driven to and fro; they that seek them shall find defeat and destruction. -Adapted from Proverbs 21:6

Once again, most Republicans have exhibited their typical feckless hypocrisy . . . self-interest and power over society and principles. Strutting and fretting upon the political stage then cowering before Big Media and yielding in the name of “common sense”.

One might view the current fiscal farce as amusing, if not downright entertaining, were it not symbolic of the sorry state of the Union. The underlying truth is that there was no crisis . . . never was. The whole miserable mess was staged by Big Government with the coöperation of Big Media. There never was any need to default on the debt, horrendous as it is. Someday maybe but not today. Politicians made hay. The “talking heads” made money. Behaviors have their consequences.

What was the consequence for America? No, not a huge loss of GDP, as if the government adds to the GDP instead of subtracting from it. The real consequence was furnishing further confirmation of the Chinese viewpoint that America is a “nation in terminal decline”. Oh yes, the Chinese continue complaining about the diminished value of their U.S. holdings; meanwhile, still loaning us all the money we want in order to destroy ourselves. Ask the Taiwanese. Ask the Japanese. They’re scared silly . . . with good reason.

Look at the cast of characters in this self-destructive farce. Obama. Bernanke. Lew. Reid. Boehner. It wouldn’t be surprising if many Americans would prefer Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges as replacements.

The data show that, since 1950, which of the two major parties is in power makes no difference in the growth of the federal government. Like a cancer, it keeps growing. Is there really any difference between these two cabals that hand power back and forth? Yes.

With the Democrats, generally what you hear is what you get, Obama being the clearest example. Big Government accompanied by politicians’ seeking the ideals of trans-nationalism and socialistic welfarism. With the Republicans, generally what you don’t hear is what you get. Also, Big Government but accompanied by the politicians’ deceitful blustering, political posturing, and self-imposed defeatism while seeking not ideals but votes.

Question, Which party more reflects the mind-set of the majority of Americans? The Democrats, which is the reason most Republicans represent Democrat-light.

Like it or not, Obama and his cabal more represent the majority of Americans . . . those who pay no federal income tax . . . those who suck the toxic milk from the teat of Big Government. Once the takers have tasted the addictive sweetness of the dole . . . addictive as well as sickening for the soul and for America . . . how do you get them to relinquish it?

You don’t. Only events can.

The Chinese have a point in their view of America. Economically, we punish the productive and reward the unproductive. Politically, we have rejected our own constitution as written. Socially, we have rejected traditional American ideals and values.

Every bargain, however, has its cost. The cost of quasi-Marxist Democratic and Republican policies is economic debt, political oppression, and moral decay. Even Satan would admit that it’s a Faustian bargain.

So, many complain while few offer solutions. Are there solutions to be offered? If so, what?


Scientifically speaking, one might say that we Americans are operating on a schedule of reinforcement soon to be withdrawn . . . withdrawn by events outside our control. We are caught in our own loop of positive feedback; the worse the mess, the worse the mess.

Not to worry? Economists, who traditionally are more wrong than right, tell us that our ultimate economic implosion remains decades away. Could they be right this time? In deciding, you might remember the predictions of the Congressional Budget Office in the late 1990’s that the federal government would enjoy budgetary surpluses for years to come. What came instead? Bush the Second, the self-proclaimed “compassionate conservative” with his “neo-cons”, who, like Winston Churchill, never met a military conflict that they didn’t like, especially ones that bankrupt their nation while winning the war and losing the peace.

Ah, Britannia. Does she still rule the waves? Oh, well. God save the Queen, anyway.

As for America, an economic implosion decades away? In deciding, you might consider the following:

The Chinese already are pressing for an internationalization of currencies away from the constantly debased U.S. dollar. So much for the once-almighty dollar? Thanks, Ben.

By the way, Ben, weren’t you and your similarly tender-minded predecessor, Greenspan, appointed by Republican presidents? Come to think of, wasn’t the tough-minded Volcker appointed by a Democrat? As Charles Dudley Warren (1829-1900) said, “Politics makes strange bedfellows.” So, what’s a poor, confused voter to think?

What does the current, unaffordable schedule of reinforcement reward? Yes, personal indolence and irresponsibility but also corporate lobbying and mercantilism (mistakenly called “crony capitalism”). Any thinning of the schedule likely will be followed by disruptive civil behaviors by the mob on the dole and disruptive governmental interference by corporate lobbyists with bosses also on the dole. The crone said it all when she yelled at the televising crew, “Don’t touch my Medicare!”

Her Medicare? Hers based upon what?

Upon legislation passed under President Johnson by Democrats, who routinely buy votes with other people’s money. Wait! Are the Republicans different? Remember Medicare D passed by the Republican Congress under the Republican president, Bush the Second?

Wait again! Isn’t the “Fed” the defender of sound money? As the New Yorkers say, “FuggetAbout It!” Even so, could Benjamin Bernanke really be as obtuse and misguided as he appears to those who favor sound money?

No? How so?


Firstly, he’s getting out while the getting is good. Smart move!

Secondly, given the options available, he chose the slow slide with its prolonged agony and postponed implosion over the fast fall with its briefer pain and immediate implosion although the latter would allow a quicker and sounder reconstruction. What Fed-Chairman on his watch wants numerically large-scale rioting by mobs in the streets and financially large-scale conspiring by Big Business in the backrooms? Better to kick the proverbial can down the road while praying for a miracle.

The required miracle seems unlikely. Even the financial lubricant of “fraking” won’t save the day. Wants are insatiable; means, limited . . . Marx, Stalin, Mao, and Obama notwithstanding.

So, what’s the hope for the average productive, taxpaying American if an economic implosion does occur? Perhaps, a new political party . . . a party based upon a platform of traditional American ideals and values — a platform based upon our current Constitution but modified?

Modify the U.S. Constitution? Absolutely!

It must be done because it must be done. As originally drafted, it has failed us. Failure, in fact, was an inescapable consequence from the start. Were it not, we’d not be in our current mess.

Recall, as early as 1831, Alexis de Tocqueville noted that the Founding Fathers had been replaced by men of considerably lesser stature. With few exceptions, such remains the case today. Until the 1960’s, however, America could withstand incredible political and economic abuse. Massive size. Massive resources. Ruthlessness. Luck.

Even the damage started by President Hoover then accelerated under Roosevelt’s helter-skelter, socialistic welfarism was offset for two decades by World War II. How so? No economic competition left standing.

We promoted Britain utterly destroying herself financially and imperially. We had her gold. Why not pay her debts to us with it? No money? No empire.

Concurrently, we utterly destroyed Germany and Japan industrially while watching the Russians bear the brunt of the fighting in Europe. Eleven million dead Russians. Well, as “Uncle” Joe Stalin opined, “One death is a tragedy . . . a million, a statistic.”

China? In those days, China was an economic threat only to itself.

The point is that the U.S. Constitution (an unintended consequence of a convention called merely to modify the Articles of Confederation of 1781) contained fatal flaws. These flaws required almost two hundred years to make themselves fully evident while being used by politicians of small political stature to enlarge their political self-interests. Recall, that it was around only 1980 that “Uncle Sam” morphed from the largest creditor-nation into the largest debtor, thanks to Roosevelt, Johnson, Nixon, and Carter. Their successors, including Reagan, were little better.*

Will a revitalized America require a new political party? No question.

The feckless, hypocritical Republicans, who repeatedly over decades have placed seeking votes over standing on stated principles, have demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt that they can’t and won’t accomplish the tasks required.

Also, a revitalized America will require a modified constitution with modifications scientifically-based and scientifically-driven. In 1787, the Founding Fathers did not have the required science available . . . biobehavioral science, but the Re-Founding Fathers and Mothers will.

Science? You bet. Specificity. Objectivity. Accountability. Scientific guidelines to build the platform of a new political party (

Will the takers relinquish their current schedule of reinforcement whilst time remains before the implosion? Not likely.

No, sadly only an economic implosion can cause a reversal of our current run towards ruin. Unfortunately, there seems no other way to institute a better way.

Wait! A preëmptive revolution? With the Republicans as the only ostensible alternative to the Democrats, could revolution befall us?

What do those in favor of revolution say? “America was born in blood! America will be reborn in blood.” In 1786, referring to America, Thomas Jefferson wrote that “a little rebellion now and then is a good thing.” Is it?

Then again, some predict Balkanization. America had one civil war to preserve the Union. Should we now hope for another?


*Politically, however, America and the rest of the world owe President Reagan great gratitude for destroying the “Evil Empire” of the Soviet Union. Don’t ask American academicians about it. Ask the Eastern Europeans. Also, economically, to be just, with the Democrats controlling Congress, the President realized that he could not “slay the beast” of Big Government by starving it of funds . . . funds acquired via robbing the productive and borrowing from foreigners. The consequence? We Americans no longer owe the debt to ourselves.