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Monday, January 16th, 2017

Another inauguration. Typically, the victorious politicians — this time in the charade of swapping stations, Republicans — will be celebrating their access to power; money; and, yes, sometimes even sex. Nothing new there.

“Never give a sucker an even break.” -W. C. Fields (1880-1946) in Poppy (1936)

Now in control of the federal government, will the Republicans the voters an even break? Will they embrace Science over Politics — the Science of Human Behavior? Fat chance!

Consider their call to repeal and replace the unconstitutional disaster called “ObamaCare”. Replace it with what? So-called Medical Savings Accounts? Country-club Republicanism as its worst. The average American can’t afford a car, let alone a “Medical Savings Account”.

Control of medical care by local politicians instead of federal? Good luck there!


No, most likely it will be business as usual — the same toxin but with a different flavoring in a different bottle but with the same stench. Preferring politically-motivated and politically-manipulated policies and programs, once again their efforts will be doomed to failure. Then what?

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Monday, November 28th, 2016

“All therefore whatsoever they bid you observe, that observe and do; but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not.” -Matthew 23:3

President-Elect Trump (aka/“The Donald”) promised much. To date, how closely do his deeds adhere to his words? To some, it appears that his rodomontade is devolving more than evolving. Consider the following examples:

As noted in the previous posting below, his appointments smack of a sprinkle of anti-Republican establishment here and a dash of pro-Republican establishment there.

If he has not reneged on his promise to pursue the investigation of Hillary with vigor, he has come close; characterizing her lying, philandering husband (who essentially sold military, technological secrets to the Chinese for a pittance) and “Crooked Hillary” herself as “good people” whom The Donald does not want to hurt.

Whereas he continues to claim that he will build the promised wall — maybe now partially fencing (Did the Great Wall of China contain fencing?) — he has retreated from his promise to deport all, not some but all, illegal aliens to deporting only those with histories of violent felonies.

Despite proclaiming his unwavering commitment to the sanctity of life of unborn children still in the womb, he has withdrawn any opposition to the sociologically-based, unconstitutional decision of the Supreme Court to allow abortion essentially at any stage of gestation.

To the dismay of those who believe in the liturgy of Judaism, Christianity, and Mohammedanism and of anyone who views homosexuality as a threat to the familial foundation of almost all civilizations, he condoned the biologically nonsensical and sociologically-based, unconstitutional decision of the Supreme Court to allow homosexuals to marry legally.

Meanwhile, a most important policy wanders in the wilderness; this is, delivery of medical care — otherwise known by the governmental euphemism intentionally demeaning to physicians as “healthcare”. Medicare alone is bankrupting the nation. Any society that places the welfare of its old higher than that of its young dooms itself to disaster. The Donald is dooming this nation to economic disaster. So-called Health Savings Accounts are not an answer; they represent country-club Republicanism at its worst. So-called Block-Grants to the States only will shift political control from politicians in the District of Corruption to politicians in State-capitals. An affordable, scientifically-based, scientifically-directed alternative offering universal care from a competitive private sector — an alternative acknowledged by the insurance industry with nominations for two, national awards — has existed for more than 20-years, apparently to continue to be ignored by The Donald, who reportedly refrains from reading books, and by his administration.

Excerpt from the Prologue of the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences
“America has achieved peace with security. Her currency has become sound and stable; her economy, prosperous and dynamic. The federal government operates lawfully in accordance with the United States Constitution and fiscally without debt. Within expected limits, Americans control their own destiny — political, economic, and social.

Politicians seeking federal office generally say what they mean and mean what they say. The presidential, congressional, and judicial smoke-and-mirrors of the past, designed to blind the electorate, have dissipated.”

Detractors have characterized The Donald as thin-skinned with a longing to be loved. Be that characterization valid, expect him to do that which provokes the least disapproval and earns the most approval. Perhaps, he will prove his detractors wrong. Then again . . . .

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast; Man never is, but always To be Blest.” -Alexander Pope (1688-1744)

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Monday, November 14th, 2016

Note (21NOV2016): In keeping promises, President-Elect Trump considers himself a master of “the art of the deal”. To date, his appointments seem to reflect his image of himself. A little from here. A little from there. Conciliation all around, even to the point of settling lawsuits, of which he has had thousands. Sweetness and light, or so it might seem.

“All the proof of a pudding is in the eating.” -William Camden (1551-1623)

Time, however, will tell the real tale via behaviors and consequences not words. Making deals for the sake of publicity is one thing. Making progress for the Public Good of the nation is another.

Whatever he does, without basing his policies and programs upon Biobehavioral Science and the Scientific Method, Mr. Trump likely will fail as have all his recent predecessors. In financing higher education, for example, he could make a good start by following his words with actions — obligate colleges and universities that receive federal funds via loans to their students essentially to become co-signers on those loans. Consequence? Good-bye and good riddance to nonsensical degrees in ideologically fashionable “studies”.

So, we shall see. Question — if he fails, what?

“An error lurking in the roots of a system of thought does not become truth simply by being evolved.” -John Frederick Peifer

Excerpt from the semi-fictional novel, Inescapable Consequences One aspect of life, however, had been making Clifford Kent increasingly unhappy; governmental intervention into his life, the life of his family, and the lives of his friends and neighbors. As did his father, Cliff always had voted Republican. One election, he decided to stop voting.

“What’s the point?” he had asked Louise. “They’re all just the same. They promise one thing then do the opposite. The only real difference between the Democrats and Republicans is that the Republicans are bigger hypocrites. What this country needs is what Barry Goldwater once said, ‘A choice not an echo.’ We need a meaningful third party, and I don’t mean the so-called Libertarians, who seem mainly confused and disorganized naysayers … if not anarchists … with a misleading name.”

Candidate-Trump makes promises.

Based upon his promises, Candidate Trump wins the presidency and sweeps with him into office a Republican majority in Congress.

Promises? Did Candidate Trump make promises?

Within days — nay, within hours — of claiming victory, President-Elect Trump began retreating from three, oft-repeated promises made by Candidate Trump. During those few hours, what had changed?

First promise? ObamaCare: Repeal and replace. Repeal means repeal not modify or evolve. Retaining coverage for preëxisting, medical conditions, for example, is a formula for financial disaster. It is tantamount to allowing an owner to purchase insurance for his home after it catches fire.

Second promise? Dodd-Frank: Repeal. Repeal means repeal not modify or evolve. Dodd-Frank’s legacy is a bowl of legal spaghetti that costs banks and their customers tens of billions of dollars in counter-productive expenses thrown at lawyers, accountants, “compliance-officers”, and governmental bureaucrats — money that, otherwise, could be put to productive use to benefit the nation.

Third promise? Mrs. Clinton: Investigate and, if appropriate, prosecute. Instead? President-Elect Trump’s flattering remarks about the Clintons and Obama. One might infer that they all suddenly became best of friends.

As Candidate Trump had been so eager to broadcast, the three of them are alleged criminals who violated laws and placed the security of this nation into real and serious jeopardy. Alright, it may be a wise tradition not to prosecute former Presidents but “Crooked Hillary” never was President and never will be. Now once elected, President-Elect Trump says that he does not want to “hurt” her. What say you, President-Elect Trump, about the harm “Crooked Hillary” did to this nation and the dead bodies that silently shout their testimonies to her actions?

A question arises about President-Elect Trump’s policy-related announcements. Why make any, at all? Obama still reigns in the Oval Office with his pen and his telephone, as he himself put it.

As for President-Elect Trump’s colleagues in the Congress, predictably obsequious, unctuous sycophants like Paul Ryan, Washingtonian establishment through and through, after vilifying Candidate Trump’s persona during the campaign now slither towards him, proclaiming previously unnoticed virtues. How victory changes context!

As for President-Elect Trump’s gratitude towards his supporters, during the campaign Sean Hannity of Fox News, perhaps the most vocal supporter of Candidate Trump in the mass-media during the campaign, had proclaimed after speaking via telephone three times the night of the election that President-Elect Trump would promote Paul Ryan’s demotion from Speaker of the House. Spoke too soon, Mr. Hannity?

Adding further insult, President-Elect Trump elected to give the prize of his first, “live”, televised interview to Leslie Stahl on CBS and billed by that network as such — a neo-liberally oriented network that vilified Candidate Trump throughout the campaign. Fox? Mr. Hannity? Later, maybe?

What say you now, Mr. Hannity? Are President-Elect Trump’s actions post-election his version of gratitude? To yourself, would you still characterize him as trustworthy?

[Note (15NOV2016): Last evening while justifiably castigating heavily biased Big Media of The Left, Mr. Hannity justifiably called upon President-Elect Trump to fulfill the promises of Candidate Trump in full. He warned that he will be monitoring President Trump’s actions and will hold President Trump to account publicly should the the latter pursue the well-worn path of empty, political promises unfulfilled.]

With regards to President-Elect Trump’s announcements of administrative appointments, he admitted on CBS to Miss Stahl that he intentionally is choosing Washingtonian “insiders” because they are the ones who know “the system”. This so-called system is that to which he referred as a “swamp”. Those he is appointing are creatures from the very swamp that he pledged to “drain”. In this entire nation of ours, are there no competent “outsiders” who really could and would drain the cesspool that comprises the District of Corruption?

So, what is the antecedent for President-Elect Trump’s apparent retreat? What is the antecedent for the so-called conciliatory behavior — such conciliation operationally meaning to turn his back on his supporters and renege on his promises to them in favor of seeking accommodation with their and his opponents and enemies; accommodation that they, being of The Left, never have given and never will give?

Oh yes, protesting in the streets by the usual puppets with the usual puppeteers like George Soros and his ilk pulling the strings. Recall the $33-million that Soros fronted to organize the riots in Ferguson, Missouri?

So, retreat in the name of “conciliation” and “unification” seems to be President-Elect Trump’s response after castigating the rioters then praising them. Expedient but not courageous.

President-Elect Trump claims that he wants to be President of all the people. Legally, he will be. Politically, he will not. Did Obama care about all the people in his rampage to destroy “White America” pursuant to his pastor, Jeremiah Wright’s, damning proclamations?

President-Elect Trump may fool himself about the election, but will he fool his supporters and opponents? The election was decided primarily along racial lines. The Euro-Caucasians voting for him likely represented the last gasp of an increasingly dispossessed and dwindling majority, a consequence of its prior, passive refusal to defend its own interests in terms of territory, resources, wealth, tradition, and biology.

For decades, its motto echoed the famous words of Alfred E. Neuman of Mad Magazine — “What, me worry?”

Wait! Perhaps, we should not rush to judgement about President-Elect Trump. Perhaps, once in the Oval Office himself President Trump will remember Candidate Trump’s now-seemingly forgotten promises and remember those supporters who voted for him in response to his making those promises.

Then again, perhaps not. If not, John and Jane America, what to do?

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Monday, October 17th, 2016

Note (24OCT2016): Given the rampant voting fraud especially in large, Democratically-controlled cities — voting fraud denied vehemently by the Democrat/Republican establishment and most of the Media — this posting will continue to run.

Speaking of polls, one might wonder about the rationality of some of the female electorate, be the polls to be believed. Mrs. Clinton boasted that as a response to a photograph of a Syrian child with a head-wound, she will institute a “no-fly zone” in that hopelessly embattled country. Like it or not, her policy potentially will put American and Russian military aircraft into direct combat. What then? Where will it end? Nuclear war? Over a photograph of a child? It is this type of irrationality that reportedly is the context for women, especially college-educated, to vote for Mrs. Clinton in response to the 70-year-old Mr. Trump’s boyish bragging years ago about his more youthful escapades. Better nuclear war than an aged, former Lothario? Ah yes, the Nineteenth Amendment.

“I the Lord search the heart,
I try the reins,
Even to give every man according to his ways,
According to the fruit of his doings.” -Jeremiah 17:10

Well, as Science says, “Behavior has its consequences.”

At the moment and despite his claim to the contrary, it seems that Donald Trump may have accepted the current polling results as his destiny. That destiny is his losing the election.

Be the polls correct? Perhaps, not. Remember “Brexit”. Remember Ross Perot getting only 5% of the vote when he actually was winning.

Accuracy aside, Mr. Trump is resorting to the time-honored gambit witnessed in nations on fire; that is, claiming that the electoral system is rigged and cannot be trusted. Is Mr. Trump correct? Evidence suggests that he is. How so?

Chicago is the poster-city for rigged elections. Recall 1960. Chicago, however, is not unique.

New York City has its own problem. Given the strength of the Democratic Party and the inept fecklessness of the weak Republicans, Democrats control governance of the electoral system to the extent that Democrats, often Negroes openly sporting materials supporting Obama, even serve as officially-designated Republicans within the system (Personal communication.).

In other districts across the nation, non-registered people, including illegal aliens, vote en masse. Recall a past congressional election in Orange County, California in which the Republican incumbent, Robert Dornan, lost to illegal voting. With regard to safeguarding honest voting only by those constitutionally eligible, The Left has been incredibly successful in intimidating opponents by raising the boogeyman of “racism” to the extent that few are willing to risk libelous censure by alleging rigged elections.

To what, however, is Mr. Trump actually referring when he claims that the upcoming election is “fixed”? It seems that he is referring less to the actual balloting and more to the disproportionate percentage of the Media — Fox to some extent excepted — that unfairly and inaccurately spews its vicious propaganda to its gullible, indoctrinated audience. NPR is a glaring example when it claims being fair and balanced by interviewing Jonah Goldberg from National Review, an avowed enemy of Mr. Trump, as the ostensible conservative opposite of a neo-liberal supporter of Mrs. Clinton.

The most recent blitz of anti-Trump propaganda emanates via the Media incessantly broadcasting about a possibly illegally-recorded Mr. Trump years ago bragging in private to another man about his sexual attitude and aggressive behavior, as boys will do — behavior later denied by Mr. Trump. Subsequently, an array of women conveniently appears to accuse him of action dating back from several years to several decades although corroborating evidence remains scant. Recall Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas.

Meanwhile, the actions of the Clintons with regard to Bill’s documented, sexual assaults; his outright lying on television to the American public; and Hillary’s alleged threats against her husband’s victims essentially remain all but ignored — again, Fox excepted.

Admittedly, Mr. Trump’s response to the unproven allegations against him seems to have been counter-productive although in keeping with his narcissistic-like style. To those who earlier claimed that he was a saboteur against the Republican Party planted by Mrs. Clinton and her Democrats, Mr. Trump’s response could be considered confirmatory of their conspiratorial accusations. Few would deny that the consequences of his candidacy have inflicted severe damage upon the Party, most members of which best can be characterized as feckless hypocrites deserving the worst that their enemies can deliver.

Whatever Mr. Trump may be pales when compared to Mrs. Clinton, who is a documented cheat, liar, traitoress, and killer of Americans as well as foreign agents acting in our behalf. At least for the moment, she has embraced the Marxist policies advocated by Bernie Sanders, who mimics the old-line Judeo-Bolsheviks. The horror for the nation is that a substantial majority of young adults support Mr. Sanders and his radical ideas.

“An autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide.” -Arnold Toynbee (1889-1975)

Is this great nation in the midst of committing suicide? Perhaps.

The mere thought that this wretched crone even can become President, let alone will become President, might leave one incredulous except it exemplifies the inescapable consequence of our devolving into a democracy — a “mobocracy” as Benjamin Franklin characterized democracy (See “Democracy? Wrong, Mr. Churchill“) — from a participatory republic as it was founded with equal rights for all in terms of life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness but not in terms of right to vote or to hold public office. The Founding Fathers, to whom the word “democracy” was an obscenity, well knew the fatal outcome of such devolving.

If, as seems likely, Mr. Trump loses his bid for the presidency and especially if the Republicans lose both chambers of Congress, what will be the consequences of the electorate’s voting behavior? No one can predict.

If Mrs. Clinton and her Democrats then pursue policies and programs that she has espoused during her campaign, watch out! If, for example, she attempts to confiscate the firearms of law-abiding, patriotic Americans, as one policeman stated, “There will be anarchy!” Possibly so.

At the least, Mr. Trump is establishing the context for a new, political party to replace the current Republican Party. If so, many will say, “Good riddance!” Did these United States of America really need a third Bush as President? Were not the first two more than enough? (See “Did Bush Burn the Koran”?)

“I hold it that a little rebellion now and then is a good thing, and as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.” -Thomas Jefferson (1743-1826)

At the most, by claiming the “big fix”, Mr. Trump is establishing a context for active resistance to the Clintons’ potentially Marxist-oriented, federal government — even rebellion. To some dispossessed, male, Euro-Caucasians, rebellion may seem inviting. After all, this nation was born in strength and blood. At the moment, it seems to be dying in weakness and tears.

Many men would agree that there is a “War Against Men” (See below.). They see masculine strength having been replaced by feminine weakness. Proud victories by humbling defeats. Historically common decency by historically uncommon depravity. Freedom of religion by freedom from religion. To these men, the aforementioned represent ingredients in a formula for disaster — nationally and personally.

What would be required to trigger revolution? Most likely, economic collapse, which some predict is nigh. They view the current context as a potentially disastrous consequence of the policies and programs of a trans-nationalistic Federal Reserve Board corrupted by its last, three Chairmen in concert with foreign, central bankers.

If the worst comes to pass, how will a majority of Americans respond? Most likely with dependent passivity instilled over decades of indoctrination by The Left. Most likely with demands for more of the toxin that caused the illness; namely, Big Government. The consequences will be failure.

Then? Will they seek someone else to blame? If so, who? George Soros, the poster-boy for disestablishmentarianism, and his ilk?

“The woman Folly is riotous; She is thoughtlessness and knoweth nothing.” -Proverbs 9:13

Admittedly, there are those to be held responsible but as accessories only. The fundamental reality is that the ultimate responsibility lies with the people itself — especially with the Christian Euro-Caucasians. It is they who allowed themselves to be raped and ravaged economically, politically, and sociologically by the disestablishmentarians dedicated to the destruction of traditional, Anglo-based, American ideals and values. It is they who elected and reëlected politicians who destroyed the Founding Fathers’ vision for this nation. Electing Mrs. Clinton — a student of the anti-American, Lefitist radical, Saul Alinsky — will be only the latest example of their decades of folly.

Ah, but will the people accept their rightful responsibility? Not likely. No, more likely they will hold totally responsible their accomplices behind the scenes who prepared and distributed the lethal poison of disestablishmentarianism.

Could there be a violent rebellion? Violence already has begun — much less by Mohammedan terrorists and much more by The Left, especially Negroes. Witness the bombing the other day of a local headquarters for Trump.

Be there rebellion, especially violent rebellion, what might be the ultimate consequences? There will be consequences, you know, and they may be most unpleasant — or, then again, maybe not.

“God watches out for little children, fools, drunks and the United States of America.” -Otto von Bismark (1815-1898)

Bismark’s comment was then. Now is now. Today, these United States of America compose a declining nation already on fire. What, if anything, can reverse the ominous trend? God?

Be there a benevolent, caring, intervening, Judeo-Christian type of God, can we reasonably expect Him to save us from ourselves — we who as a nation have renounced Him? The Old Testament says, “No!” The New Testament says — well, is there a finite limit to forgiving the unrepenting?

Be there no god or gods, we Americans are on our own. Of late, the consequences of our actions in the context of being on our own have not been so wonderful.

Whatever the case, one truth is clear, as Science says, “Behavior has its consequences.”

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