NOTE (07MAR2016): Bad news for American youth. The latest Index of Economic Freedom Places these United States of America below the top ten. So it has been for the last eight out of ten years. Yet, many American youth are flocking towards the very evils that will cripple their future — Big Government and those promote it.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” -John Heywood (1546)

“Youth is wasted on the young.” -George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

“Too Soon Old. Too Late Smart.” -Traditional Saying

“He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.” -George Orwell (1903-1950)

If you’re an American Euro-Caucasian and find yourself younger than thirty-five years of age, be warned of the following:

1) Your past is being destroyed.

2) Your present is being compromised.

3) Your future is being stolen.

Characterized as the “most selfish”, your parents’ generation, as a group, was too involved in “actualizing” itself as individuals to pay proper attention to its children’s upbringing. It relegated its own progeny to secondary importance often left to the mass-media and to quasi-Marxist and outright Marxist-oriented teachers.

“Patience is the foremost virtue.” -Traditional Saying

The Marxist-oriented radicals of the 1960s who preached violence, such as the terrorist Tom Hayden — compatriot of Barack Hussein Obama — realized that their strategy was failing. They altered it to take control measure by measure of the governmental bureaucracy; the mass-media; and, most importantly, education. They succeeded.

“Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” -George Bernard Shaw

The Marxists in academia viewed their primary goal in life as being to have indoctrinated you, the youth — indoctrinated you into believing that the Founding Fathers were evil, that collectivism is superior to individualism, that all races are essentially equal if not almost identical, that all cultures are of equal merit, that equal outcome is superior to meritorious outcome, that socialism is superior to capitalism, that the unproductive have a right to the fruits of the productive, that government essentially is good while private enterprise is evil and profit a profanity, that traditional Judeo-Christian morality is unjust and unfair, that licentiousness equals liberty, that peace can be preserved by words not actions, that unpleasant truths should be trumped by pleasant lies — and the list continues.

Let’s take the latest in a long series of schemes to rob you of futures in a land once dedicated to liberty, truth, merit, prosperity, and self-respect — robbing you in the name of protecting you. This latest scheme is the move to deprive you not only of control of your own money; not only to track your every financial transaction; but to steal your money day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year. How? By abolishing cash-money.

“Abolish cash? Ridiculous!” you say.

Really? The government in Sweden officially not only is planning to abolish cash but to abolish the Swedish people who use it — literally. How? Via allowing unarmed invasions from the Middle East and Africa. Such invasions already have begun.

Consider that, at one time not too long ago, the government of these United States of America printed denominations of currency in notes of $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. Today, the highest denomination is $100. Over the years, the federal government has reduced the purchasing power of a “C-note” by 96% to a mere $4. Now, it plans to abolish it entirely to be replaced by electronic transfers and plastic cards.

With the current move towards “negative interest rates” (i.e., charging you to lend your money to a governmentally-regulated bank), you will find little opportunity to protect yourself against this legalized larceny. Worse, there’s an overt conspiracy among many countries to participate in this scheme.

As usual, those who promote tyranny claim it will benefit national security and the public good by reducing the evasion of income tax and the selling illegal drugs. The only cost? Just another loss of your liberties; in this case, to have and to hold in cash the fruits of your own labors.

There are simpler remedies to the ills cited; namely, to abolish the income tax not the currency in favor of a national sales-tax and to legalize so-called mind-altering drugs, both of which the politicians oppose. Let’s not forget that the Founding Fathers considered imposing a tax on incomes but rejected the idea. Let’s not forget that the Harrison Act regulating drugs was intended to protect users not to punish them; meanwhile, these United States of America almost singlehandedly have created a market that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Now, let’s look at a basic, controlling factor in your loss of liberty. The economic foundation of this attack against your liberty is debt. In 1980, these United States went from the largest creditor-nation to the largest-debtor nation. Who did it? Who voted themselves your money? Who stole your future? Who will continue to do so until nothing remains to steal?

The government has become your master. We, the citizenry, its servants. In order to maintain tranquility, the government promotes dependence. Medicare. Medicaid. Food stamps. Welfare. All are examples.

The problem is that the politicians haven’t been able to pay for their schemes via legitimate, moral means. The only alternative? Theft — ultimately, from you, the youth. You are the future. The current parasites at the polling places soon will become the past. They cannot and will not pay for themselves. Only you can pay for them — and pay you will! There will be nothing remaining for you — guaranteed!

In order to relieve the burden of debt, for decades the government has been robbing the future citizenry via the tyranny of inflation; nevertheless, even that theft has proven insufficient. In order to buy votes, it has relieved increasing numbers of Americans from paying taxes. Half of Americans now pay no federal income-tax, whatsoever.

“Soak the rich!” The traditional cry of governmental tyrants and thieving politicians. Bad news! The rich aren’t sufficiently rich to pay for the governmental profligacy. Only the middle class is, but it’s dwindling to the point of becoming an endangered species.

Behavior is a function of the context in which it occurs, the antecedents that prompt it, and the consequences that follow it. The current context is a declining nation now on fire. The current antecedent is the demand for increasing governmental largesse. The behavior is continued borrowing from you, the youth. The short-term consequence is the politicians staying in office. The long-term consequence is disaster — political, economic, military, and sociological. The disaster will be yours to live.

What can you do? Vote! On every ballot, write-in the following: “None of the above!”

Demand of your elected representatives that they protect this nation by protecting you. How? There is a way. Use it, or surrender your liberty and your future.

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