“Americans should not go abroad to slay dragons they do not understand in the name of spreading democracy.” -John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)

What’s a young, Korean dictator to do when the West, especially these United States of America, is against him, and a reluctant China is his only real protector? Why, develop nuclear weapons, of course.

It’s obvious, isn’t it? The West, again especially these United States of America, attacks only non-nuclear countries. Think Afghanistan, Grenada, Iraq, Libya, North Vietnam, Panama, and Serbia.

What’s the dictator’s primary goal? To have retained his power.

What’s his secondary goal? To have enhanced his personal pride by gaining prestige.

What’s his tertiary goal? To have improved the living standards of his people? Probably. Well, maybe.

Plan? To develop nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them all the way to North America.

Then? Short term? To extort increased economic gain from a confused, declining, self-destructive West. Long term? To unify the Korean Peninsula under Pyongyang. Hey, the 21st-century is supposed to be the Asian century, isn’t it? The only question is, Which Asians?

Look, Europe already is under unarmed attack by millions of Mohammedans and Negroes — an attack that its governments refuse even to acknowledge as an attack, let alone repel. Besides, militarily Europe is close to impotent.

Meanwhile, these United States are under attack by millions of unarmed Latinos, mainly Mexicans pursuing “La Reconquista”; as well as assorted others, including Mohammedans who call their own brand of threat “The Silent Invasion” — an attack that the American government acknowledges but does little to thwart; at least, thus far. Besides, militarily the nation has been in decline and disorganization under a President whose primary goal in office is to have destroyed “White America” — White being defined as Euro-Caucasian. Remember Reverend Wright and his “God damn America!”?

Kim Jong-un (b. 1983) reigns as the Korean dictator faced with fulfilling the aforementioned goals; at least for the moment. He functions as the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea as well as the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). He’s ruthlessly homicidal as were his father and grandfather, dictators before him. His purges are reminiscent of Stalin’s; whom the “useful idiots” in the West, as Lenin called them, defended to the end.

“There are none so blind as those who will not see.” -John Heywood (1546)

In 1994, the feckless, deceitful philanderer who was sitting in the Oval Office at the time and who reportedly was allowing technological secrets to be traded to a hostile China in return for paltry political contributions had the last chance to thwart North Korean nuclear ambitions by whatever means necessary. .

Did he? No. “Slick Willie” Clinton failed to protect this nation and the rest of the world. Now, his angry, vicious wife wants her turn. Think Benghazi.

In the early 1990s, would the Chinese have gone to war against us again? Perhaps, but they were in no position to win a non-nuclear confrontation. As for nuclear? Nobody would have won, a fact that had stopped the much stronger Soviets as it would have the Chinese, their bluster notwithstanding. Better that we now face a nuclear North Korea?

Conversely, President Ronald Reagan did protect this nation by achieving his goal to have defeated the “Evil Empire” — i.e., the erstwhile Soviet Union. His successors, especially Bush the First, then made a total mess of the gift he bestowed. Now, the world faces the end of days, and the cornered, young murderer in Pyongyang is the prime illustration, even beyond the fanatics in Tehran.

So, what to do? Nobody seems to know.

See “If You Were POTUS” and related posts.

The question, therefore, arises, should we Americans now allow Pyongyang to capture Seoul? If not, why not? What is South Korea doing for us? We know that which it is doing to us, but what is it doing for us?

The previous issue of organized, international Communism capturing the world no longer exists. Thank you, President Reagan.

Hasn’t the strife on the Korean Peninsula become merely a civil war between North and South? If so, why are we Americans there? Why are we taxing ourselves economically and borrowing from adversaries, if not enemies, to defend South Koreans militarily — who, in turn, are raping us economically? Why are we willing possibly to plunge the world into a nuclear conflagration to settle a war involving only Koreans against Koreans?

These are questions that scream to be answered. Admittedly, addressing them will be dangerous. Ignoring them will be fatal.

Science tells us truly, “Behavior has its consequences.”

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